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Kleanvein Oral Liquid

Name:  Kleanvein Oral Liquid
Specification:  10ml x 10 bottles/box x 60 boxes/carton
Price:  no price
Unit:  carton

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Function: Remove arterial plague. Beneficial for the prevention and retardation of cardiovascular and cerebral diseases, such as arteriosclerosis ,angina pectoris ,cerebral thrombosis and cerebral ischaemia.


Ingredients: Radix Salviae miltiorrhiszae ,Rhizoma ligusticum Chuanxiong ,Radix Puerariae. Specification : 10ml/bottle , 10 bottles/box Direction : One bottle each time, two or three times daily. Attention: Store in a cool and dry place.

Kleanvein Orla Liquid
After Six courses of treatment, the heart and brain may recover simultaneously
10ml/bottle, 10bottles/box, take two bottles daily, six boxes for one treatment course.

After 1-2 treatment courses, symptoms of  chest distress, short breath, heart palpitate etc disappeared basically. Attacks of heart angina as well as the ongoing duration reduce greatly, the symptoms of apoplexy, paralysis, cerebral thrombosis began to improve.

3-4 treatment courses, the symptom of angina will disappear, rhythm of the heart will get to normal level and work normally. It can keep the walls of the blood vessels smooth and elastical. Hemiplegy , anaesthesia and inarticulacy can be improved basically.

5-6 treatment courses, various symptoms of cardiovascular diseases and cerebrovascular diseases will disappear completely. Free from heart brace and bypass, so as to help patients relieve from sickbed and wheelchair without taking medicine any more, after take the product, patients with moderate and worst degrees cerebral thrombosis and apoplexy can speak continuously, pronounce clearly. Cardiovascular and brain diseases will recover completely.

Main function: cardiovascular and brain diseases such as atrial premature beats, myocardial lack blood, arrhythmia, coronary disease, angina, miocardial infarction,cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral ischemia, cerebral infarction, apoplexy sequelae,  hemiplegia, hypertension, hyperlipemia etc.

The new discovery medical theory of cholesterin´╝î glycerin trilaurate´╝îphosphatide
The un-balance of cholesterin´╝îglycerin trilaurate´╝îphosphatide has been recognized as important subject of medical research.

If there is no blood in our body, such as there is no gasoline in the car, however all cardiovascular and brain diseases are related to blood, but do you know about blood.

1ŃÇüThe most important ingredient of blood is cholesterin´╝î glycerin trilaurate´╝î phosphatide (The normal value of phosphatide is 2.9-6.0mmo1/L, the normal value of glycerin trilaurate is 0.22-1.65mmo/L,the normal value of cholesterin is 0.78-2.2mmo/L),water, hemalbumin, kalium, sodium, calcium ions and etc.
2ŃÇüTransport oxygen: The heart pushed blood circulating continuously, carrying the oxygen to every part of our body.
3ŃÇüNutrition: The food that we eat can only transform into energy by blood.
4ŃÇüThe food that we eat are converted from energy to blood.
5ŃÇüHow does the cardiovascular diseases happen? The following pictures shows the whole process of occurring as a consequence of disease.

The content of  cholesterin´╝î glycerin trilaurate´╝î phosphatide in blood are impermissibly high
The blood is likely to become thicken, the circulation speed of blood may become slow .
It will lead to the lack of oxygen supply in the human body, dizzy, dazzle, faint when suddenly rise up.

The heart quicken the speed to pump blood
When oxygen lack occur in the human body, the human body can stimulate the heartbeat rhythm automatically higher and increasing the circulation speed of blood.
It will lead to hypertension, arrhythmia, tachycardia.

The content of cholesterin´╝îglycerin trilaurate´╝î phosphatide are impermissibly high continuously and formed blood fat ball
cholesterin´╝îglycerin trilaurate´╝îphosphatide adhered to each other and form blood fat ball, which stick to the wall of blood vessels.
As a result ,it will lower the elasticity of blood vessel and formation of cardiovascular and brain atherosis

The heart choked by blood fat balls
The big clump of blood fat ball circulates along with blood , when the blood fat ball clots big enough, the heart will be blocked.It will lead to myocardial infarction, angina, insufficient blood supply intermittently, weak breath. blood vessels block with blood fat ball ,big blood fat ball can not pass through the very thin brain vessels, the thin blood vessels will be blocked gradually and blood can not circulate.It will lead to blood vessels bursts, and formation of cerebral thrombosis, cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, apoplexy sequela.

Kleanvein Oral Liquid guarantees to treat brain and heart diseases

After you use Kleanvein Oral Liquid for three boxes, the symptoms of palpitate and short of breath will improved, the symptoms of  chest distress and palpitation lessen, the blood fat drop obviously..

After you use Kleanvein Oral Liquid for 1-2 treatment courses: Palpitation disappeared, the pains of coronary heart disease and heart angina will disappear. The symptoms of thrombus, apoplexy and paralysis will improve.

After you use Kleanvein Oral Liquid for 3-4 treatment courses: The blood fat drop to normal level, the walls of blood vessel are smooth and elastical. The cerebral thrombosis, cerebral arteriosclerosis, hemiplegy , anaesthesia, inarticulacy will be improved obviously. Both ability of hearing and vision will be improved, the patients with slight symptoms will recover to have ability to take care themselves.

After taken Kleanvein Oral Liquid for 5-6 treatment courses: Coronary heart disease, angina, myocardium insufficient blood, miocardial infarction will get treatment. Patients with Middle-heavy cerebral thrombosis and palsied recovery to consecutive speaking, pronounce distinctly, express naturally and move more easily, the recovery of hemiplegia will be well soon

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